Mission Idea Contest

The purposes of most micro-satellites are still engineering education, as historically they are rooted in university projects. However, as our CEO addresses in his greetings, now the capabilities of micro-satellites are far beyond education and they are completely ready for practical use. As is often the case when a new industry is born, we do need track records of practical use for micro-satellites to be spread to the world no matter how splendid technology we have.

In order for micro-satellites to break away from mere “students’ satellites” and to achieve a proud position, we thought it important to scout for ideas from all over the world and to boost the momentum for their practical use. One of our answers was the mission idea contest for the utilization of micro-satellites. Axelspace organized the first contest held in Tokyo in 2011.

Mission Idea Contest Special Website
Mission Idea Contest

* Second and later contests were organized by UNISEC.